13 Home Remedies for Memory Improvement

If a person starts losing things, forgetting the names with whom it relates, where you put your belongings, recent events or after studying all night, he forgot it studied when submitting the review, you may be suffering from poor memory .

This may be due to various causes and the modern demands and stress. However, the lack of attention, concentration or interest in a given case.

To improve memory, there are various folk remedies that are described below:

Home Remedies

  1. Remedy for improving memory # 1: A natural remedy is to take an infusion of sage every day.
  2. Remedy for improving memory # 2: Take an infusion of rosemary sweetened with honey to improve memory.
  3. Remedy for improving memory # 3: Eat three plums, three dried apricots and three almonds each day.
  4. Remedy for improving memory # 4: Eating nuts for nine consecutive days. The first day with six nuts and so on until the ninth day 15.
  5. Remedy for improving memory # 5: Add ginger to the salad and eat it daily.
  6. Remedy for improving memory # 6: A grandmother’s remedy to improve memory, is to eat the apple with shells and all.
  7. Remedy for improving memory # 7: Take one tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, a bit of pollen and a tablespoon of soy lecithin to improve memory.
  8. Remedy for improving memory # 8: Ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate the circulation and thereby improve brain function and memory. Combined with the rosemary, which protects the brain against free radical damage, and sage, is an effective remedy (available in our store) to combat the deterioration of brain functions.
  9. Remedy for improving memory # 9: In a bowl, pour the soy milk, added a spoonful of brown sugar and stir with pollen and royal jelly (1 ampule or equivalent)
  10. Remedy for improving memory # 10: Prepare a juice of figs healing con250 grams, 125 grams of dates, and 3 carrots. Mix all ingredients in blender. Strain and then take preferably in the morning.
  11. Remedy for improving memory # 11: Prepare a healing a mango juice, three nuts, two almonds peeled an orange and a cup of water. Extract the juice of mango and orange, and then blending with other ingredients. Take it preferably in the morning.
  12. Remedy for improving memory # 12: Take five grams of these ingredients: mauve, yarrow, raspberry, basil and mint. Let boil a couple of minutes and, after casting the result, take a glass every night after dinner, for two weeks. Discontinue during the same time and reviving it back past the same.
  13. Remedy for improving memory # 13: Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to an oil burner and keep it on the table in order to improve memory when studying or working.


Some recommendations for improving memory are:

Read actively perform mental exercises is important for memory is kept. In this sense, it must acquire the habit of reading actively and depth by taking notes and reflecting on what was read.

Make a good image. If you lose very often the keys or some other object, when placed somewhere try to make a mental picture of where the left. If it is on the dinner table, see the table and close their eyes trying to form a picture of it with the above object.

Talking to oneself. If the above recommendation does not work, you can use, plus a visual image, a hearing for the two help him remember. If you are leaving your car in a distant parking lot, but it is near an apple tree, say aloud: “I’m leaving my car near the apple tree” which will strengthen your memory. If you still have trouble remembering, I looked around. Suddenly, near the apple tree is a ladder. This one aspect can also help you to remember.

Ideas make relationships dates and names is related to something familiar. For example, if you easily forget the birthday of someone, but near celebrates Christmas or some major event, this event is related to not forget.

Make diagrams Students must have a way of making summaries, outlines or underlined when studying.

Tie a string to the finger Many people, as a technique to enhance memory, tie a string on the finger or wrist clock change with which they are capable of remembering, whether the birthday of an aunt or must buy something before get home.

Make lists If you must buy many items at the supermarket, it’s better to write a list on paper which will help the memory to devote to more important things.

When grouped into categories do not count on pencil and paper, will have to make the list in mind, but do not forget to be grouped by category. That is, if you must buy at the store 20 different items should think, for example, five fruits, three vegetables, four paper-related items, 5 with meat and 3 for detergents.

If sets of numbers do remember a lot of numbers, they are advised to make sets. For example, recall the digits 4,5,6,1,4,1,4 probably not easy, but remember the phone number 456-1414 is not as difficult as they are grouped.

If associations do remember someone’s name, listing its face or a property of that person by name. For example: A man named Marshall, associate it with a uniform gallons.

Search for “indicators”. It is important to remember, for a fact that serves as an indicator. For example: If you do not remember the date on which he worked in a financial company, but remember she’s been dating a person who was going to lots of movies and his favorite movie was “Star Wars”, can then conclude that worked for the company in the late 70s.

Make a test. Many students complain that when they go to an exam you forget everything you learned. One way to help is making a test questionnaire before the test to verify if they truly have learned the subject of the examination.

Stay calm. Stress and anxiety can affect memory. Therefore, it is recommended mainly stay calm before a test or a presentation in public

Check both your diet and medications you are taking many drugs can contribute to bad memory as diet pills to control blood pressure or antihistamines. Even take much alcohol can negatively affect memory.

Get medical attention if:

  • Loses contact with reality. For example: Forget what year you live or the name of your spouse.
  • He feels uncomfortable with himself, since he has had great recent memory lapses.
  • There is performing daily tasks effectively which is affecting their work and the development of your home.