Lemon Healing Properties and 10 Home Remedies

The fruit of the lemon, which is known as lemon, has an ovoid shape (up to 15 cm long) always ended in a point, smooth or rough skin, with the variety (lemon, rugged castilla, tangerine, striped or variegated Tahiti, eureka among others) and its color is pale yellow

The salient features of the plant leaves are outlined by light teeth with his flowers white and fragrant.

Healing Properties

The medicinal powers of lemon were exalted, for the first time in the eleventh century, when Avicenna, a famous Iranian philosopher and physician, attributed properties against dyspepsia, vomiting, jaundice and fever.

However, it was only when the great voyages were made, with Christopher Columbus, discovering new lands, the lemon became a large reservoir of defense against the disease of scurvy.

It is considered highly medicinal, as it contains citric acid so much that is rich in vitamin C, but also pectin, carotene, potassium salts and glucose, factors which, taken together, are directly linked to therapeutic actions.

Its uses are varied:

– Fighting the flu, scurvy and headache

– Strengthens the gums and cure gingivitis (gum inflammation),

– Calm and stitches nerve neuralgia

– Prevent and combat premature aging

– Purifies the blood

– Combat the sexual weakness

– Avoid spillage of bile

– Disinfect all kinds of wounds

– Helps digestion

– It helps the elimination of certain intestinal parasites

– Normalize heart palpitations

– Chronic Insomnia Cure

Home Remedies with Lemon:

  1. Home remedy # 1: For digestive disorders, it is highly advisable to have a cup of lemon tea leaves after lunch and dinner.
  2. Home remedy # 2: If your tonsils are swollen, red, and with high fever, you can apply the lemon from the start of the crisis through gargle. It will use two or three lemons which are squeezed and the juice extracted which gargle several times a day. It may also be, as a preventive measure once a day, especially during seasonal changes, compresses with a cotton cloth or dipped in hot lemon juice. After the squeeze is applied in the neck and covered with a woolen cloth, to keep warm. Renew it when it starts to cool.
  3. Home remedy # 3: In cases of nosebleeds. should aim lemon juice through your nose to stop them. In the same way it clears my head when suffering a cold.
  4. Home remedy # 4: If you have the flu, it is recommended to boil 20 grams of lemon rind 1 / 2 liter of water. You take a cup at bedtime.
  5. Home remedy # 5: If you have ulcers, rashes, sores, etc.. you can apply lemon juice on the affected parts.
  6. Home Remedy # 6: shredded bark, with a little sugar, becomes a sure remedy against worms.
  7. Home popular # 7: Like toothpaste, lemon juice in a glass of hot water removes the plaque from teeth and kills bad breath, but care must be taken to rinse your mouth to remove the citric acid lemon leaves because this damages the tooth enamel.
  8. Home Remedy # 8: For arthritis pain, rheumatism and strokes if you can massage with lemon cut in half the areas where you feel pain.
  9. Home Remedy # 9: In order to oxidize and remove the fat that hinder the work of the heart, take lemon juice in warm water half hour before meals.
  10. Home remedy # 10: To calm the nerves and sleep should be taken at night, a tea from the flowers of the lemon by boiling one tablespoon of flowers in a cup of water for two minutes.


  • It is not advisable to consume during the first three months of pregnancy and during lactation
  • It is not appropriate, domestic consumption of lemon for people to submit acidified characteristic joint pain of arthritis, or with processes decalcifications advanced osteoporosis.