Lucerne Healing Properties and 5 Home Remedies

This plant reaches three feet high and has leaves imparipinnate consisting of three leaflets. It has a purple flower sometimes with shades of red or white.

Lucerne has great nutrition and, in turn, medicinal. On the first aspect, the lucerne is more than double the protein, four times more calcium and two times more iron than most vegetables.

Even vitamin composition is superior to have four times more vitamin A, three times more vitamin B complex and nine times more vitamin E without having also a high percentage of vitamin K

Healing Properties:

It is considered a plant diuretic to increase the secretion and excretion of urine. Also, clean the liver, purifies the blood in case of pimples and blackheads, strengthens the lungs, fights osteoporosis.

For mothers who want to stop breastfeeding, can eat lucerne to achieve that effect.

Home Remedies with lucerne:

Home remedy # 1: To detoxify the blood and liver, have a cup of juice from lucerne or consumed in salads. However, be careful not to mix with the lemon juice because they are not compatible with each other.

Home remedy # 2: If you have osteoporosis, you can cook two tablespoons of lucerne. This amount provides the body with about 5 percent and 3 percent calcium phosphorus.

Home remedy # 3: To strengthen the lungs in case of bronchitis, the seeds are ground and added a teaspoon to food when they are served daily.

Home remedy # 4: To combat the smell of the feet, place fresh leaves in his shoes well and should ensure that the viscous part makes contact with the soles of the feet.

Home remedy # 5: For the withdrawal of the milk of mothers, the leaves are crushed and applied to the chest.

Another detail is that of lucerne cellulose to be highly stimulating and accelerating the BM. If you do not want this effect on your body, you can boil. Under these conditions prey protein and minerals, but the vitamins are lost.

Recipe for a healthy diet with lucerne:

Wild herb salad with sprouts.

This recipe requires healthy eating tender leaves of dandelion, nettle, plantain, watercress, chervil, wild celery, parsley, sprouted wheat, lentils, peas and lucerne

It should mix different herbs and then add the sprouts. It is seasoned with olive oil, tamari soya sauce, umeboshi plum juice and capers.