Mallow Healing Properties and Home Remedies

The mallow is known by different names like: Malva isabela, hollyhock, mallow and Canamera Indian real

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew the purple, as the gold consumed in abundance with plant

It is a plant, branched stem that grows well in semi-tropical and temperate climates. It has heart-shaped leaves, but sometimes are lobed (between 5 and 7 lobes). Its flowers are purple or pink and dry fruit containing several seeds. It is a plant rich in vitamins A.

Healing Properties

Combat respiratory problems like bronchitis and tonsillitis. It is used also for skin ailments

Home Remedies with mallow

  1. Home remedy # 1: For tonsillitis, gargle three times daily with a decoction of seven to ten hours in a pint of water. After these gargles, avoid cold drinks.
  2. Home remedy # 2: For skin diseases, put the leaves in a poultice on the affected area.

Recipe for a healthy diet with mallow

Mallow soup:

For this recipe you should seek leaves of spinach, Swiss chard leaves, a bit of chicory, 2-3 leeks and bunches of mauve.

You must grind all the herbs very finely and then boil in water and sea salt. When serving, add a little fresh cream or an egg yolk.