Natural Antibiotics

There are fruits and vegetables that are not only true defense against infections but also fight colds and relieve other illnesses. They are therefore regarded as true natural antibiotics.

The important thing is that no serious side effects on the body as synthetic antibiotics could cause the business, but if they can help us strengthen our defenses and maintain good health. They can be prepared in the comfort of the house with natural elements that are available to all.

Here are some foods that mixed in juices enhance healing and antibacterial effects.

  • Garlic

It is considered an antibacterial element par excellence and which also improves circulation and reduces blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Swollen tonsils


1 ripe radish

3 pieces of pineapple

2 cloves garlic


Wash, peel and cut all the ingredients into pieces. Then place them in the blender and blend for a few seconds. Drink daily, preferably in the morning, until the swelling of the tonsils yield.

Sore throat


1 red onion

1 bunch of parsley.

1 clove garlic


Wash ingredients. Cut the onion into chunks and peel the garlic clove. Then, place all ingredients in blender. Whisk briefly. Drink a glass every day until you feel the irritation.

  • Onion

The onion is ideal especially if respiratory diseases, slow digestion and intestinal fermentations. It also prevents pests and regulating blood glucose. It is purifying and prevents cardiovascular disease.

Increases defense


1 onion

1 orange

1 broccoli

2 cloves of garlic.


Wash ingredients. Cut the orange juice and extract. Cut the broccoli, onion and garlic into pieces and then blending all ingredients. Whisk briefly. Drink a glass of this juice daily to maintain a good defense system.

Nasal congestion and bronchitis

This juice also facilitate expectoration and congestion, is an antioxidant and may hinder premature aging and inhibit cancer cell development.


3 tomatoes, chopped

1 bunch parsley

1 stalk celery

1 cucumber, chopped

1 clove garlic, crushed

2 slices onion

Water, necessary


Wash ingredients and blend well for a few seconds. Drinking a glass in the morning, twice a week.

  • Strawberry

This fruit has antiviral function and, in turn, is purifying and diuretic. With regard to natural beauty, is a fruit that fights cellulite and promotes healthy skin, it attacks bacteria and stimulates cell regeneration.



5 strawberries

2 kiwis

1 / 2 melon


Wash all fruits. Apart from kiwifruit and melon. Remove leaves that sometimes have strawberries. Then place the ingredients in a blender and blend for a few seconds. Add ice to taste and take three times a week to prevent colds. Drinking every day if it is going through a cold.



1 / 2 cup apple juice

1 tablespoon honey

1 cup peeled and chopped papaya

1 cup sliced banana

1 cup strawberries


Wash very well the ingredients they need, especially strawberries. Place ingredients in blender. Process until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Take especially in the morning.


This citrus fruit is considered a powerful strengthener of the immune system, because it is rich in vitamin C which represents an active help against infection. It is also a disinfectant, reduces fever and sore throat and rheumatic diseases is auxiliary.



1 lemon

1 / 2 orange

1 stick of celery


Remove the rind of lemons, cut into halves, passing through the extractor together with celery, Get the orange juice, mixed with the preparation of lemon and celery.